Connection Course

The objectiveof the Connection Course is to better acquaint you with the purpose, structure, direction and vision 

of our ministry as a potential covenant member of Abundant Life Outreach Center (ALOC). It also serves as a means for covenant members to continue growing in their relationship with God, discover their gifts, and fulfill their God-Given mission. Each class concludes with a covenant that must be signed before advancing to the next level.

It has always been our strong desire to see the people of God prospering in the work of God and impacting the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The task is far too great for any one person. Together we can bring glory to God by presenting Jesus Christ with as many Christ-Like disciples as we possibly can before He returns.

” Will you partner with us for a strong membership body committed to the Great Commission and The Great Commandment, for the expansion of small groups throughout our community and for increased attendance during our Mid-Week Bible Studies?” – Pastor Gary D. Ellis

God has a great plan for your life! He took the first step at Calvary. He is calling you to take the next step toward fulfilling His divine purpose. Get Connected! Enroll in the Connection Course today!


Connection Course Classes

Level 101: From Believing to Belonging, Understanding Membership.  Understand what it means to be a member of the body of Jesus Christ and the fundamental biblical doctrines. You will also learn the history of ALOC, our vision for the future, and what it means to be a Covenant member at ALOC. It concludes with the Membership Covenant.

Level 201 : Pursuing Spiritual Maturity  Be introduced to the daily habits necessary to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. You will discover that spiritual maturity is not automatic, rather a process that requires personal discipline. It concludes with the Stewardship Covenant.

Level 301 : Discovering My SHAPE and Ministry Discover how God has uniquely equipped you with a specific set of skills, gifts, and talents and how your life’s experiences have prepared you for ministry. It concludes with the Ministry Covenant.

Level 401: Missions, God’s Purpose for my Life  Discover how important it is for you to partner with God  to personally enlist in the worldwide mission of sharing Christ with others; this is the heartbeat of God. It concludes with the Missions Covenant.

*Connection Course Graduation: dates to be announced

Invite your family and friends to share in your accomplishments and celebrate the goodness of God by participating in our upcoming graduation.

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